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Travel insurance

Things do not always turn out as expected, so sometimes a booked holiday has to be cancelled or terminated.
There is no right of withdrawal according to § 18 Chap. 1 Z. 10 for distance and off premises contracts, instead the General Terms and Conditions of business for the Hotel Industry apply to our house AGBH 2006:

  • You may cancel your booking without charge up to 3 month prior to your arrival.
  • 3 month up to 1 month prior to your arrival, that cancellation fee is 40 % of the cost of the booking, 1 month to 1 week 70 %, within the last week 90 %, early departure 100 %.

What if something comes up?

Cover yourself by booking travel insurance the easy way, together with your holiday booking. The reliable choice for your holiday.
Check premiums and book here.

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